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Boys and Girls Letter from Mrs Seaton

Dear Boys and Girls,

“Grandmother,” said an Italian boy, “I'm going to my friend Joseph's birthday party, and I shall be expected to take a nice present. What can I take? I have no money to spend.” “Take this roll of butter,” said his grandmother. “Butter! Butter for a birthday present!” gasped the boy. “All the boys will laugh; It will be so different from a drum, or a box of soldiers, or anything!”

However his grandmother could think of nothing else, and Antonio decided to take the butter. But he did not intend to give it as it was. His father was a stone-cutter and the boy had learned how to carve flowers and leaves, animals' heads and other things in his father's workshop. Antonio carefully cut the butter into the shape of a magnificent lion. He placed it carefully in a dish and covered it, got cleaned and ready and set off a little early for the party.

On arriving at the door he explained to Joseph's mother what he had done, and asked if he might place his present on the “birthday table” as a surprise. When everybody had arrived, and were seated at the table, Joseph's father lifted the lid of the dish, and, Oh, what gasps from everyone when they saw the great “butter lion.”

It was a marvellous success, and how happy poor Antonio was. But better was still to come. Joseph's father was a very wealthy man who offered to pay for Antonio's education. In later years, the maker of the butter lion became a famous sculptor. His name was Antonio Canova, and he died in 1822.

You see, boys and girls, how a humble boy did what he could with what he had to make his friend happy, and received a great reward which he did not expect.

In th bible we read of many people who did what they could with what they had, not just for their friends, but for the glory of God. In another letter I will tell you about one such person: but in the meantime, I'm sure you know of these: -

Shamgar had an ox-goad, David had a sling;
Dorcas had a needle, Rahab had some string;
Samson had a jaw-bone, Aaron had a rod;
Mary had some ointment, But they all were used for God.

   Mrs Seaton.

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