Mrs Seaton's Letter
to the
Boys and Girls



Dear Boys and Girls,

The Solder (Part 2)

In my last letter we began the story of a soldier called Luke Heywood.

You remember how he put his soul at risk by swearing that he would not pay a certain price for a piece of mutton, which he then paid. He was rebuked by a faithful Christian man who pointed out to him his sin. “You have given your immortal soul for it, and now what is to become of you?” and this is where we left off:-

“Really,” thought Luke, “this stranger is quite right. I have a soul, though I had almost forgotten about it; I have sold it for a piece of mutton, too. Well I didn't mean that, but I have done it.” the thought wasn't pleasing, so he tried to put it out of his mind, but it wouldn't go. His conscience was at work, and the words of the stranger kept pealing in his ears. “You have given your immortal soul for it, and now, what is to become of you?”

By this time he had reached the Fort, and on entering, sat down on his bed. How sad he was; what could he do? A last, jumping up, he rushed back to the ferry, and breathlessly asked the ferryman if he knew who the man was who had spoken to him. “Oh, you mean Mr. MacPhail? He is the Minister at Resolis, and you will have a long trek before you catch him, for he crossed the water more than an hour ago.”

Luke decided there and then to board the ferry and search out this man whose words had so wounded him. How agitated and restless he was as he went on his way seeking out the Minister. However, eventually he reached the manse at Resolis. At last, he was face-to-face with his accuser. For two days he stayed there with Mr MacPhail who patiently explained all that Luke wanted to know about his soul, his sin, and also the only Saviour for sin, the Lord Jesus Christ.

At the end of the two days Luke fully understood that he was a sinner; but much more important, he was completely sorry for his sin, and sincerely repented. He became a true believer in Jesus, and continued throughout his life to serve God.

He became a faithful Minister of the gospel, telling others, as he had been told himself - “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Yours Sincerely

Mrs. Seaton