Mrs Seaton's Letter
to the
Boys and Girls



Dear Boys and Girls,

Nature's Wonder

When you wake in the morning, do you think, “what day is today?” Before people in Britain knew anything about God, they worshipped many idols. Monday was the “moon's” day, Wednesday was “Woden's” day, Thursday was set aside for the thunder God named “Thor,” and so on. However when the good news of Jesus Christ was brought to Britain, and people began to read the Bible, they learned that all things were created and cared for by God. We must ever remember this and thank God for each day of our life.

One morning very, very early, a little boy called Kevin woke up. It was spring time and he could hear the birds singing in the trees in the garden. He decided to go out and see what he could see. So, putting on his slippers, and a jumper on top of his pyjamas, he slipped downstairs. There certainly were lots of birds busily fluttering, and flying, and singing, and feeding their little young ones. What fun to watch them! However, he heard his mother calling. He quickly ran in to the kitchen and immediately got a row from his mummy for getting his feet so wet.

Poor Kevin, he couldn't understand how his feet had got so wet. It wasn't raining, and it hadn't been raining for a few days. “Mummy, where did the wet come from?” asked the little boy. His mother took him on her knee, and this is what she told him.

Kevin your feet are wet because you have been walking on the dew that is on the grass. That is what the wet is called. When the ground has been warmed by the sun all day, and the night air is cool, the warmth of the ground and the coolness of the air meet, and make moisture which forms into little dew-drops on the grass and flowers and leaves. It is only on the ground for a very short time, but God puts it there for a good reason. It refreshes the grass and flowers during the night. Birds and little insects love it; it is their favourite breakfast drink. But as soon as the sun comes up it vanishes away.”

Well, boys and girls, isn't it wonderful that we can look around us and see many things that tell us of God's goodness and care? Even the little insects in the ground are looked after in marvellous ways. Let us all remember each day to thank God for all his goodness.

“All things wise and wonderful,
  The Lord God made them all.”

Yours Sincerely

Mrs. Seaton