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Dear Boys and Girls,

Many years ago on the Island of Skye there lived a little girl. This little girl became convinced that God was not on the Island, and so, she decided that she must go and look for God. Her parents didn't try to stop her as she left her home, because they thought that she had surely gone mad. And as she crossed on the ferry from Skye to the mainland and began asking everyone that she met if they knew where she could find God, they thought she was mad as well.

Map of Scottish Highlands & Islands On and on she travelled, calling at every house and asking her same question. Everyone was quite kind to her and gentle with her, because they all thought that she had lost her reason, but no one could tell her where God was to be found.

Eventually, she came to the town of Inverness and stopped the first person she met there. "I am come from Skye", she told the woman that she had stopped, "I am come from Skye where God is not; can you tell me where I will find Him?" This woman was a Christian woman, and at first she too thought that the little girl was unsound in her mind; however, the wee girl was so determined that the woman said: "Come with me and perhaps I will be able to take you to where you will be able to find God".

She took her home to her house, and the next day, which was Sunday, she took her along to Church. For the first time in her life this little girl heard the Gospel being preached. The minister told how the Lord Jesus Christ had come into this world to save sinners. The little girl realised that she was a sinner and that Jesus must have come to save her, and she asked Christ to save her. How happy she was now, because, you see, boys and girls, she had, at last, found God, because she had found the Lord Jesus Christ.

The little girl never returned to Skye, but here's what she did do.

She lived with that kind lady who had taken her to Church until she grew up and went to live in the village of Croy; and every day she used to pray that God would go to the Island of Skye so that many, many people could find Him there.

Many years later, God was found by a great many people in Skye when a great religious revival took place there. The churches were packed, and many men and women, boys and girls found Jesus as their Saviour.

The people then began to think of that little girl, and here's what they used to say: "Perhaps this is the answer to her prayers".

Do you pray, boys and girls that others will find Jesus? I hope you do.

Mrs Seaton
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