Hello Boys and Girls,

In my last letter I told you about a little girl who came all the way from the Isle of Skye to this city of Inverness in search of God. She found God, remember, and because she found God herself, she began to pray that others would find Him as well.

This month, I want to tell you about another little girl who knew God as the one true God, and, although we are not told that she prayed for others, we are told that she spoke to others about her God.

This little girl had lived with her parents in the land of Israel, but one day the armies of the king of Syria attacked her homeland, and with many others this little girl was taken and made a slave in the land of Syria. She was made to work in the home of a man called Naaman and his wife. Naaman was the captain of all the king's soldiers, and the Bible says that he was "a mighty man in valour", and that he was "a great man". But, the Bible also shows us this, boys and girls, that this little slave girl was sorry for her master, Naaman.

What! You might say, but fancy a little slave girl being sorry for a great captain in the king's army. Ah, but, boys and girls, here's why she was sorry for him; the Bible also tells us that Naaman was "a leper" - he suffered from that awful disease of leprosy. Already there were great white spots on his body, and soon his hands and his feet would begin to wither and fall off. Any wonder the little girl was sorry for him? Now, here's what she did. She told her mistress, Naaman's wife, that there was a prophet of God called Elisha in her own country. She said that if only her master, Naaman, would go to this prophet of God, he would cure him. Perhaps she thought that the great captain would not heed her, but he did; and the very next day he set off in search of the great prophet, Elisha.

Elisha told him what he must do to have his leprosy taken away - he was to wash in the river Jordan seven times - and at first Naaman didn't want to do this; he even set off home again in an awful temper.

However, one of his servants spoke to him, and Naaman did as the prophet had said.

Down into the water he went; he dipped himself under the water, and when he came up for the seventh time his leprosy had vanished. How glad he was that someone had told him about God's prophet, and how glad the little girl would be, because her master now began to worship the one true God, our Father in Heaven.

Have you ever told anyone how God can help them in all their troubles? You tell someone about God today.
Mrs Seaton.

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