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Boys and Girls Page

Hello Girls and Boys,

Have you noticed recently how all the trees and hedges have began to sprout little green leaves on their branches, and how the birds are busy chitter-chattering in their own chirpy way as they gather twigs and other things to build their nests? Soon there will be lots of little lambs and other baby animals skipping around the woods and fields. Yes, spring has arrived!

There was once a little girl called Lena who lived in the country. Every morning as she made her way to school, she took a short-cut through a field which was fenced by a hedge of thorns. At some places she had to walk close to the thorns.

One day Lena gripped just when she was close to the hedge and she fell with her hands into the thorns. "You nasty, ugly hedge!" she said, "of what use can you be? I wish you could be burned down at once".

The next day Lena passed the same way. Just before her went a flock of sheep, with a shepherd behind them. The sheep kept close by the hedge, and as they moved on they left little tufts of their wool sticking on the thorns. No sooner had they done this than some birds came and picked up the wool, then flew away as quickly as they could to make nests for their little baby birds.

When Lena saw this she said to herself: "How thankful I am that my wish has not been fulfilled and the hedge burned down. I now see that there is a good use for even the thorns and thistles".

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small;
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.
Mrs Seaton
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