by Mrs Seaton

The story that I am going to tell you in this edition is about a little boy called Sidney, who is 10 years old. One day Sidney heard his Mummy talking about some bills that would have to be paid, and this gave Sidney and idea! He decided to make out a bill himself for jobs that he had done.

The next morning, he quietly laid on his Mummy's plate at breakfast-time a bill, which read:

Mummy owes Sidney
For getting coals 6 times30p
For being a good boy10p
For fetching wood lots of times25p
For going messages twice20p

His Mummy read the bill but said nothing. That evening at tea Sidney found on his plate the bill with the 1.55p as payment; but also, with it, another bill, which read:

Sidney owes Mummy
For his happy homeNothing
For his foodNothing
For nursing him when he was sick Nothing
For being good to himNothing

When Sidney looked at this, how ashamed he was. His lips began to quiver, and he could feel tears ready to come to his eyes. Then he took the 1.55p out of his pocket and rushed to his Mummy, flung his arms around her neck and cried: "Oh Mummy, how mean I was! Please forgive me! Take back this 1.55p, and let me do lots of things for you because I love you".

Well, children, I hope none of you would ever think of giving your Mummy a bill like Sidney did. It was very ungrateful of him after all his Mummy had done for him.

You know, boys and girls, Sidney's Mummy reminds me of our Lord Jesus and all that He has done for us. Jesus even died on the cross for us; He paid the debt for our sins, the Bible tells us. Jesus does not ask us to PAY Him in any way for what He has done for us, but surely when we really believe that He died for us, then we will love Him more and more and try to do everything to please Him.

Here is a little chorus you may not know; it is sung to the tune "Stand up, stand up for Jesus".

"A little child of seven - or even three or four,
May enter into heaven - through Christ, the Open Door:
For if that child believeth on Christ, the Son of God,
That little child receiveth salvation through His blood."

Mrs Seaton

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