by Mrs Seaton

Dear Girls and Boys,

Many years ago, long before there was such a thing as electric light, people had to do their work by the light of a candle. There is a story about a little girl who was seen to be working very hard as her candle burned down almost to the bottom. As the candle burned out, she was heard saying to herself "I must be very industrious, for this is the only candle I have, and it is almost gone".

Do you think, boys and girls, there are any lessons in that little girl's words?

Let me give you just a few. They teach us: -
  1. That our life is like a candle and will one day come to an end. This is why the Bible says, "Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth". While you are still young you must come to Jesus.

  2. They also teach us that, if Jesus is our Saviour, then we should do all that we can in this life to tell other boys and girls and other grown-ups about Jesus, so that they might know Him as their Saviour too.

  3. Another lesson is that we should "shine brightly for Jesus" by helping others every day. You know what the hymn says: -
    Jesus bids us shine, with a clear, pure light;
    Like a little candle burning in the night.

  4. And lastly, but very important, they teach us that our duty in this life is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in ALL that we do. The little girl in this story was working hard at sewing, and she wanted to sew as many stitches as she could before her candle burned out. Dorcas, who loved the Lord Jesus Christ very much, used to sew clothes for the other poor Christians; this is how she glorified Christ. Whatever you do in this life, boys and girls, do it to God's glory: and work very hard, remembering that our life is like a candle and will soon burn away.

Mrs Seaton

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