by Mrs Seaton

Dear Boys and Girls,
I thought I would give you a "Bible Search" in this edition of the Wicket Gate. Get your mums and dads to put their thinking caps on and they can help you.
The first letter of each word will make up the name that you want for the answer.
(Clue - They sold Joseph to Potiphar.)

  1. Two make a farthing.
  2. Micaiah's father.
  3. Jairus's little … … … lay "at the point of death".
  4. David asked God to blot out all his.
  5. A lame man at the Gate Beautiful asked this of Peter.
  6. Tubal-Cain's sister.
  7. Vessels of this are listed in the merchandise of Babylon.
  8. Lot's grandfather.
  9. A chamberlain.
  10. What city was said to be "perplexed"?
Mr Seaton tells me boys and girls, that in the Pilgrim's Progress, Christiana and her children were given a dish of nuts by a man called Gaius, who also gave them this rhyme: -
"Hard texts are nuts (I will not call them cheaters),
Whose shells do keep their kernels from the eaters;
Ope then the shells, and you shall find the meat;
They here are brought for you to crack and eat".
Hope you can "crack and eat" some of these "hard texts" in our Bible Search.
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