by Mrs Seaton

Hello Boys and Girls,

I wonder if the pastor were to ask you during one of the church services to pick up your hymn book, which book you would pick up. Probably you would do what all the people in a certain church did one evening when the pastor of that church asked them to do just that. "Will you please pick up you hymn book" he was heard to say. When the men and women and boys and girls all reached for their "Hymnals" the pastor said "You must have misunderstood me. I asked you to turn to your 'H-I-M' book." Finally the congregation understood. He was referring to the Bible!

It seems a strange way of putting it, doesn't it boys and girls? Yet I think there is a lesson here for us. The Bible is indeed the "HIM Book" because it speaks of HIM from start to finish. "And who is that?" You say. The Lord Jesus Christ, of course. You know, don't you, that the Bible is all about HIM. It speaks of His life, and His death, and His resurrection. Often we turn to those places in the Bible that speak about His birth in that manger in Bethlehem. I'm sure you know well why Jesus came to this earth - why He was born, and why He lived, and especially why He died on the cross and rose again from the grave. The Bible tells us it was to be our Saviour.

When you read the Bible, boys and girls, you should look to see just how much of it speaks about HIM. Sometimes we are inclined to think it is only the Gospels that tell about Jesus, but if you read many of the psalms and the prophets and the books that tell about the history of the Children of Israel, you'll find that in all these places there are verses and passages that speak about HIM. There's a hymn in our "hymn book" that speaks about God's great "H-I-M book".

"But the best is the story of Jesus,
Of the Babe with the ox in the stall,
Of the song that was sung by the angels,
The most beautiful story of all"

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