by Mrs Seaton

Dear Boys and Girls,

We would not think of speaking about God as a "chief", would we" But American Indians and African Negroes would. A chief is a leader, a protector, a saviour, a guide, and God is all this and more to His children. So the missionaries who teach the African people about God allow the children to think in their own language, and to use their own words.

Into one of the mission schools in Africa there came a new little girl. She had been left an orphan, and had no one to care for her, so a Christian Negro woman brought her to the mission home. At first she would not say a word. Perhaps she was afraid, or just shy, like most little girls.

One day, Beulah, for that was her name, was sitting with a group of girls sorting out reeds for basket making. One of the teachers was nearby and heard her say in a low voice: "Do you speak every day like we did this morning?" You see, Beulah had been at early morning worship and had heard the singing and the prayers. She did not understand and she thought it queer just to speak out into the air as if someone was there who heard what was said, so she asked "Do you speak every day like we did this morning?" "Oh yes," said one of the girls, "and in the evening too. You see, we are the children of a chief. In the morning we go to His court to greet Him and to receive His blessing, and to hear His Word for today. Then all day we work and play in the fields of the chief. In the evening we come back to His court and sit around the fire and tell Him of the day's work. If we have done anything wrong we tell Him we are sorry, and He blesses us and forgives us, and we go to sleep."

I think this is a lovely way for these young Christians to think of God. I do hope Beulah thought so too and found out the truth that SHE could have her sins forgiven and receive God's blessing, and so have Him as HER Chief for ever and ever.

I trust that all you boys and girls will learn this great truth too.

May God bless you.
Mrs. Seaton

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