by Mrs Seaton

Dear Boys and Girls,

Here is a story for you about Big Ben and Big Tom. I wonder can you guess who they are. Well they are two big bells, or chimes, or striking clocks. You have heard them perhaps over the radio. I have heard Big Ben. I am not sure if I have heart Big Tom. Big Tom is not so well know as Big Ben. Big Ben is a big bell that hangs high up in a big tower in the city of London. It is in the tower of the Houses of Parliament. It keeps good time just like a good clock should. It is the largest striking clock in the world and is also the world's most accurate clock. That is better than being big. A little watch that keeps good time is better than a big clock that is always wrong.

But what about Big Tom? Who is he? Big Tom is a church bell. He has his home high up in the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral. A few years ago when Big Ben was to be cleaned, for only a clean clock can keep good time, Big Tom broadcast the time in his place. I wonder if Big Tom kept good time? I am sure he would or else he would get all the watches and clocks in Great Britain going wrong every day.

After all the one thing we want when we have a clock or a watch is that it will keep time. We want to depend on it. If it is slow we might be late for school, or for the church or we might miss a train or bus. No, we want a clock to tell the exact time.

And this is what we want in people, in boys and girls. We want to be able to depend on them. We want them to keep their word and to keep their promises. This is what the Bible calls trust. Can we trust God? Yes indeed. He will not fail us. "Trust ye in the Lord forever, for in the Lord is an everlasting Rock." Can God Trust us? Can He trust me? Can he trust you?

Let us ask Jesus to give us strength and help each day so that He may trust us for whatever task He has for us to do.

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