by Mrs Seaton

Dear boys and girls,

Aren't the trees looking lovely and fresh just now? Have you ever stood and looked at a tree and its leaves? In the Spring there are the tiny buds on the tree, then as the days get warmer they pop open and become lovely leaves. All during the Spring and Summer they stay fresh and green to give us shade from the sun, then in Autumn, before they fall, they change colour. Such lovely colours: yellow, green, brown, and red.

You know, boys and girls, we must never forget to thank God for His goodness to us in giving us so many wonderful gifts, even the leaves of the trees. Remember the story of Noah and the great flood which covered the whole earth? When at last it was time for Noah to test if it was safe to come out of the Ark, he opened a window and sent out a raven. A few days later, he sent out a dove, but the dove returned to Noah because she could not find anywhere to build her nest. A week later, Noah sent the dove out again and this time the dove returned to Noah with a leaf in her beak which she had plucked off a tree. Noah knew now that the trees were no longer covered by the waters of the flood.

Soon God spoke to Noah and said, "Come out of the Ark with your wife and your sons and their wives, and every living creature that is in the Ark." Noah was thankful to be alive, and as soon as he came out of the Ark he built an altar and made a sacrifice to God, thanking Him for all His goodness.

God promised that He would never again send another flood to destroy the whole earth. God said, "As long as the earth remains there will be summer and winter, cold and heat, springtime and autumn, day and night." So you see, boys and girls, event the leaves of a tree can remind us of God's goodness to us.

"He gave us eyes to see them,
      And lips that we might tell
How great is God Almighty,
     Who has made all things well."

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