by Mrs Seaton

Dear boys and girls,

There was once a young girl who became very upset at the thought that in the land of China, where there are so very many people, there were so few people telling them about the Lord Jesus. She was always pestering people, trying to encourage them to go and preach the gospel in that great land.

One evening, as she was talking once more to her brother, he very impatiently said to her: "If you're so concerned for these people, why don't you go yourself?" On saying this, he went out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

The girl, whose name was Gladys Aylward, got down on her knees and prayed that she might, indeed, be able to go to China as a missionary. She applied to the China Inland Mission, but was turned down by them. However, she knew that God had called her to go to China and she would go! She took all her savings, filled a large case with tins of food and clothes, bought a ticket on the Trans-Siberian railway, and off she went to serve the Lord.

Miss Gladys Aylward died in January 1970. But she is happy with Jesus, whom she loved and served with all her heart. She loved boys and girls very much; especially those who had no mummies and daddies to love them and take care of them.

In 1941, after the Japanese had invaded China, she led nearly two hundred boys and girls to safety in a long, long trek over the mountains away from the enemy.

There is a book called, "The Small Woman", which is all about Miss Aylward's work and her many adventures as one of the greatest missionaries that China had ever seen. I am sure that the older boys and girls would enjoy reading it. You could get it at your local library.

Miss Aylward once said, "When the Lord calls you, He will always show you the way to go." I trust that each one of you will listen for the Lord's call, and when you hear it, you will obey.

Mrs Seaton

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