by Mrs Seaton

Dear boys and girls,

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Johnny who had a bad memory. One day his mother asked him to run down to the grocer's shop for a box of spice. She needed the spice for the cake she was starting to mix. "Hurry now, Johnny, and come straight back home with the spice, because I'm waiting for it," his mother reminded him. So, off went Johnny feeling quite important.

He reached the shop in record time, bought the spice, and then, started off home, putting the box of spice in his pocket for safe keeping. As he was passing the village playing field, he noticed some of his friends playing football. "Come on, Johnny, have a game with us, we're a man short for the team." Would you believe it? Johnny puffed out his chest, stretched his full height, and ran over to join the game, completely forgetting that his mother was waiting for the spice.

What a good game he had; he had scored a goal, too! Johnny was still thinking about the game when he went in through the garden gate. But not for long, for there was his mother waiting at the door. Oh dear, she was angry. And what was Johnny's excuse? That's right: "I forgot."

I wonder how many boys and girls have bad memories like Johnny? Most of you, I'm sure. When you do something your shouldn't, or fail to do something you should, you usually explain by saying, like Johnny, "I forgot." Two little words, but they can do so much harm. Not only in ordinary everyday things, but, more especially, in important things such as the things you are taught in Sunday school and Church about God and His blessings and His promises, and especially His gift to us, the Lord Jesus Christ Who died that we might be forgiven.

In the second part of the Pilgrim's Progress, Mr Greatheart says to Christiana (Pilgrim's wife) and her children, "You must know that Forgetful Green is the most dangerous place in all these parts."

Boys and girls, don't be betrayed by your bad memories, but always try and remember all that God has said through the Bible - His Holy Word. Don't wander on to "Forgetful Green." Do what the Bible says: "Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth."

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