by Mrs Seaton

Dear Boys and Girls,

Christmas has come and gone for another year and I am sure you had lots of wonderful presents. I am sure to that as Christmas drew near you began to prepare for it. Lots of presents to buy for your mummies and daddies and maybe for some of your friends. Cards that you were to send and for some of the girls anyway, dresses that you were to wear at your Sunday School parties. Perhaps, even, some of you will be preparing to "Welcome home" a brother or sister who has been away from home working or studying in some other town or city, or country even. What you did when you got ready for Christmas was to prepare for it. Prepare means to get ready, and that is the word that I want you to think about for a few minutes in this letter. Prepare.

Many, many years ago, around the time that we now call Christmas, some men and women had begun to prepare for a special event, as well. In fact, that event was to be the very first Christmas of all – the day when our Lord Jesus Christ was born into this world as a baby in Bethlehem's manger to become the Saviour of men and women, boys and girls.

These people – the shepherds, the Wise Men, Joseph, Mary, Simeon, and many others – had begun to prepare because they had read their Bibles and they knew that Jesus was, indeed going to be born at the time when God had said. How happy they were when Jesus came and they were prepared to welcome Him. Many others, of course, were not prepared to welcome Jesus. Oh, they may have heard that He was to come and be born the King of Kings, but they just didn't believe it. And so, of course, they didn't prepare themselves for His coming.

Now, the Bible tells us that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming again. What does that mean? you say. Well it means that just as Jesus came once to this world, so He is going to come again to this world. He won't come as a babe this time, but He will come as the ruler of all the earth. And, says the Bible, when He does come again, there will be some who will be prepared to meet Him, but there will be others who will not be prepared.

Remember how important it is to prepare for that day when Jesus will come again.

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