by Mrs Seaton

Dear boys and girls,

It is some time since we have had a puzzle on our page, so I thought I would give you a "Bible Search" for this edition of the Magazine. Remember the rules? The first letter of each answer forms the word that we are searching for. The CLUE to this word is this: –

The disciples were first called this at Antioch

  1. One of the two faithful spies.
  2. This door had … … … of gold
  3. By faith she perished not.
  4. Half of the name of a city.
  5. Jesus said, I am the good … … …
  6. On this day the dry land appeared.
  7. Dagon was one of these.
  8. The book where your CLUE is found.
  9. Moses' mother became his … … …
  10. He found one going to Tarshish.

And now, here is a puzzle for the younger boys and girls. If you are seven or under I want you to try and put the animals in Noah's Ark. Write opposite each letter the animal, or bird, or insect that you think should be there. You will find them in the books of the Bible mentioned.

N________________Leviticus chapter 11 verse 16
O________________Luke chapter 13 verse 15
A________________John chapter 12 verse 14
H________________Amos chapter 2 verse 15
S________________Acts chapter 8 verse 32

A_________________Proverbs chapter 30 verse 25
R_________________Genesis chapter 8 verse 7
K_________________Leviticus chapter 11 verse 14

Mrs Seaton

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