by Mrs Seaton

Dear Boys and Girls,

Once upon a time five little boys went to Sunday School. They were quite friendly little boys and quite well behaved. They liked the hymns and choruses, and the stories they were told. Then came the time when they were called to put their pennies into the Missionary Box.

The first little boy had plenty of pennies in his pocket. He picked one out, laughing as he did so. He had no thought in his heart about Jesus, or the missionaries, or the poor people who had never heard of Jesus. Another boy then came up and he too put a penny in the box. As he did so, he looked round at all the other boys and girls, with such a proud look on his face, as though he had done some great thing. A third boy gave a penny, and as he did so, he muttered to himself: "I suppose I must as all the others are putting in their pennies". The fourth boy dropped his penny in the box, saying: "I'm so sorry for the poor people in other lands who have no food or clothes as I have". This little boy was full of pity for those people who were not as well off as he was. Then came the fifth little boy, and, as he gave his penny, he said: "Dear Jesus, take my penny and use it to send somebody to tell these poor people in other lands who have never heard of you that you love them and want to be their Saviour".

Now, which little boy do you think pleased Jesus most with his offering? I think it would be the fifth little boy! Don't you? I hope, boys and girls, as you put your pennies into the Sunday School box you will pray, and think how some missionary might use them in some way to tell other boys and girls about Jesus and His love for them too. Of course you will never do this until you know the love of Jesus in your own heart. You see, the fourth little boy was very kind, and what he did in thinking about those not so well off as himself was very good. But, it was only the last little boy – the fifth little boy – that really pleased Jesus, because he was thinking about others coming to know the Lord Jesus as their own Saviour. This is what Jesus really wants us all to do. He wants us to come to know Him ourselves as our own Saviour; and then He wants us to tell others about Him so that He may become their Saviour as well. Try and remember this, as this is the most important thing in the world.

   Mrs Seaton.

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