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Through the Bible with the Children
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by Mrs Seaton

Dear Boys and Girls,

Importance of Knowing theWhole Story

As I have been reading over the life of that great man Joseph in the Bible it has occurred to me how important it is to know the "whole story" of a person's life, or else we will always have a wrong idea about that person and who he or she really was, and what they really did.

Most of us know the “first part” of the life of Joseph very well, and how he was taken by his brothers, who were jealous of him, and was placed in a pit and then, sold as a slave to some people who were going into the Land of Egypt. We know of how the brothers took his “coat of many colours” and after they had torn it and dirtied it and smeared blood on it, showed it to his father Jacob, pretending that a wild animal had caught Joseph and ripped him to pieces. But, there we sometimes leave the story of Joseph, and the only remembrance we have of him is that dirty and dusty coat with the blood on it, or that pit in which he was thrown, or the men who carried him away to sell him as a slave in Egypt. But, that wasn't the end of the life of Joseph! The Bible tells us that God was with Joseph and that he soon became the most important person in the whole land of Egypt, with the exception of the King himself.

A great famine came to the land of Canaan, where Joseph's brothers lived, and the next time we see Joseph and his brothers together again it is very different from that time when they put him in the pit and took his old crumpled coat of many colours back to his father. Now they stand before Joseph, and they see him dressed in his royal robes, the one who rules the land for the King of Egypt. What a change, boys and girls; and you only know about the change by reading all that the Bible has to say about Joseph.

But, the Bible tells us of a greater change than that, boys and girls. How many people only think of our Lord Jesus Christ when He was a baby in the manger? Or when He, too, was sold for the price of a slave by Judas Iscariot? Or when He died upon the cross and was laid in the grave? But, that wasn't the end, boys and girls, and Jesus is now exalted at God's throne, and one day He is coming back to the world again. Do you want to meet Him then, as your Saviour? Then, believe with all your heart.

   Mrs Seaton.

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