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Boys and Girls Letter from Mrs Seaton

Dear Boys and Girls,

I wonder how many of you know where you would find Formosa on the Map? taiwanYes, that's right; it's an island separated from the mainland of China by the Strait of Formosa. The island is now called Taiwan.

To this lovely island there once came a young Chinese governor named Gohu, to be their leader. When he saw how cruel and wild these people were, and how they went on head-hunting raids and offered human sacrifices to their gods, he became very sad.

After some time he called them all together one day, and begged them to give up these terrible practices, and he told them of his plans for living together in peace. They agreed to try out his plans, and for some time peace and happiness reigned, and the boys and girls of the island played without fear. As this continued Gohu was very pleased and happy.

Then trouble came in the form of a terrible drought. At once they began to think that their heathen gods were angry. The priests went about the people saying that a human sacrifice would be necessary, and all the mothers and fathers, and boys and girls became very afraid that their home would be chosen for a suitable sacrifice. Gohu loved his people, especially the children, and he could not bear that one of them would be cruelly killed. So as the priests demanded a sacrifice, he said to them: "Let it be so. Tomorrow morning there will come from the forest a man wearing a long red cloak and hood. Strike him and offer him as your sacrifice". Next morning, as Gohu had said, a man wearing a long cloak and hood walked out from the trees. As he fell to the ground with a knife stuck in his heart, his hood fell off! It was none other than their beloved leader, Gohu.

The people never forgot the happenings of that day, and it turned out to be the very last human sacrifice in the island of Formosa. Gohu bravely and willingly died for his people who loved him. But boys and girls, just think, Jesus died on Calvary for those who hated him. The Bible tells us "While we were yet in our sin, Christ, (that is Jesus) died for us". How great His love must have been.

Trust Jesus, boys and girls, and He will save you.

   Mrs Seaton.

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