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Boys and Girls Letter from Mrs Seaton

Dear Boys and Girls,

In today's letter I want you to imagine what it was like years ago before there ever was any electricity, or gas; everything, like cooking, or mending, or school-lessons had to be done during the day-light or else by the light of candles.

There is a story about a young girl called Alice, whose daddy had died, and whose mummy had to work to earn money so that Alice and her brothers would not go hungry. Alice had to do all the sewing and mending of socks and clothes to help her mummy. All this had to be done at night by the light of a candle.

candle and timer

One night, as Alice was sitting at her usual place, darning socks, she was heard saying to herself, “I must be very busy, for this is the only candle I have, and it is almost gone.” You see, boys and girls, she had a time limit. When the candle would burn out she would have to stop sewing, because it would be too dark to work. So, Alice kept this in her mind, and didn't waste any precious minutes, but sewed quickly and with determination.

Our Life is like Alice's candle, and will one day come to an end. This is because God has set a time limit for our life on the earth. The Bible says that our days are “numbered;” that means that our life won't go on forever in this world. It is most important, then, boys and girls, to “Remember,” as the Bible says, “Thy Creator in the days of thy youth.”

   Mrs Seaton.

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