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  1. Worship Services from the Reformed Baptist Church, Inverness  Audio
  2. Lectures given by Dr Nick Needham Audio
  3. Expository Sermons from the Church's Archives (1970-1980)  Audio
  4. W.J. Seaton's Friday Evening Lectures  Audio
  5. W.J. Seaton's Audio Stories from the Bible for the children of the Church  Audio
  6. Index of Letters to the Children by Mrs Seaton
  7. Congregational Praise   Audio
  8. Current and Back issues of the Magazine in PDF format
  9. Back issues of the magazine currently on line.
  10. Index of Podcasts from the Wicket Gate  Audio
  11. Story behind the title "Wicket Gate"
  12. Church Outreach Leaflets
  13. Links of spiritual benefit