“Jesus, Master, Whose I am.”

A hymn written by Frances Ridley Havergal


JESUS, Master, Whose I am,
        Purchased Thine alone to be,
By Thy blood, O spotless Lamb,
        Shed so willingly for me,
Let my heart be all Thine own,
Let me live to Thee Alone.


Other lords have long held sway;
        Now, Thy name alone to bear,
Thy dear voice alone obey,
        Is my daily, hourly prayer:
Whom have I in heaven but Thee?
Nothing else my joy can be.


Jesus, Master, Whom I serve,
        Though so feebly and so ill,
Strengthen hand and heart and nerve
        All Thy bidding to fulfil;
Open Thou mine eyes to see
All the work Thou hast for me.


Jesus, Master, wilt Thou use
        One who owes Thee more than all?
AsThou wilt! I would not choose;
        Only let me hear Thy Call.
Jesus, let me always be,
In Thy service, glad and free.