“All, fulness dwells in Thee, Lord”

A hymn written by T. Bradbury


All fulness dwells in Thee, Lord,
     Thy rich and glorious grace
Thou hast bestowed on me, Lord,
     A sinner vile and base.
All fulness of affection
     Thou hast so sweetly shown,
For sov'reign, free election
     Has made me Thine alone.


Before the world's foundation,
     In Thee we were complete;
Thy wondrous Incarnation
     Secured all hell's defeat.
In spite of all our failing,
     In Thee we firmly stood;
Hell's craft is unavailing
     Through Thy most precious blood.


Thy Spirit, Lord, hath taught us,
     How glorious is Thy grace,
How Thou, in love, hast brought us
     To see Thee face to face.
In our predestined station
     We praise and bless Thy name,
Thou God of our salvation,
     Thou glorious, great I AM.


Jesus, Thou King of glory,
     We soon shall dwell with Thee,
And sing the wondrous story
     Of grace, so full, so free!
Fulness of grace from Thee, Lord,
     Comes shining from above,
And draws our hearts to see, Lord,
     The fulness of Thy love.