“Saviour Divine! we know Thy name, and in that name we trust”

A hymn written by Philip Doddridge


Saviour Divine! we know Thy name,
    and in that name we trust;
Thou art the Lord our righteousness,
    Thou art Thine Israel's boast.


Guilty we plead before Thy throne,
    And low in dust we lie,
Till Jesus stretch His gracious arm
    To bring the guilty night.


The sins of one most righteous day
    Might plunge us in despair;
Yet all the crimes of numerous years
    Shall our great Surety clear.


The spotless robe which He Hath wrought
    Shall deck us all around;
Nor by the piercing eye of God
    One blemish shall be found.


Pardon, and peace, and lively hope
    To sinners now are given;
Israel and Judah soon shall change
    Their wilderness for heaven.