“God in Three appears all glorious”

A hymn written by R. Burnham


God in Three appears all glorious
        In the everlasting One:
Shines the fulness of the Godhead
        In the Person of the Son;
Reigns, in Three, the great Jehovah,
        Reigns in all-victorious grace,
Shows His all-transporting beauties
        Through the bleeding Prince of Peace.


Sing we all the Lord of Glory,
        Sing the mercy pure and free;
Mercy flowing from the fountain
        Of the everlasting Three;
Equal all, and all united,
        In the one Eternal God,
Shining all with equal splendour,
        Through the rich atoning blood.


May we all with admiration
        Roll the cheering truth along;
Three-in-One be all the chorus,
        Three-in-One be all the song.
Come, Thou Triune God and Saviour,
        Now descend in purest love;
Sing we then with holy ardour,
        Sing our way to realms above.