“Now ye ransomed of the Lord”

A hymn written by D. Denham


Now ye ransomed of the Lord,
Praise the great Incarnate Word;
View Him in our place and stead
As a Lamb to slaughter led.


He the righteous law obeyed,
And for us a curse was made;
Justice had its full demands
At our Surety's holy hands.


He for us the wine press trod,
He endured the Father's rod;
Blotting out His people's sin,
Righteousness and peace brought in.


He alone the breach could heal,
And in all points for us feel;
He was tempted and oppressed,
That He might become our rest.


For us abolished death,
Conq'ring with His dying breath;
We shall soon His triumphs swell,
Rescued from the jaws of hell.