“God's promises are sweet, They melt the saints in tears”

A hymn written by R. Burnham


   God's promises are sweet,
      They melt the saints in tears,
   They are so good and great,
      They banish all their fears;
But all the promises of God
Flow through the Saviour's precious blood.


   Our God has promised light,
      To open our dark eyes,
   And form our views aright,
      Celestial good to prize;
He promised life, and joy, and peace,
With all the stores of heavenly grace.


   He promised we shall stand
      Victorious over all;
   And enter Canaan's land,
      Before His throne to fall:
He promised brilliant harps of gold
To all the dear Redeemer's fold.


   Now Lord, to Thee we cry,
      Bless every waiting heart;
   Thy promises apply,
      And promised good impart;
To our dear Jesus may we cleave,
And all His promises receive.