“On Thee, O God of purity”

A hymn written by Augustus Toplady


On Thee, O God of purity,
      I wait for hallowing grace;
None, without holiness, shall see
      The glories of Thy face.


Lead me in all Thy righteous ways,
      Nor suffer me to slide;
Make plain Thy path before my face;
      My God, be Thou my Guide!


O may I ne'er to evil yield,
      Defended from above,
And kept and covered by the shield
      Of Thy almighty love!


Jesus, if Thou withdraw Thy hand,
      That moment sees me fall;
Oh, may I ne'er on self-depend,
      But look to Thee for all!


And even when I feel Thy grace,
      And sin seems most subdued;
I'll wrap me in Thy righteousness,
      And plunge into Thy blood.