“True faith believes the Word Divine”

A hymn written by R. Burnham


True faith believes the Word Divine,
     And with swift wings she flies
To Jesus' cross, and doth recline
     On His rich sacrifice.


This precious faith which comes from God,
     Leads always to the Lamb,
And is much pleased with pard'ning blood,
     And drinks the healing balm.


Faith says, My Jesus still is mine,
     Though gloomy clouds arise —
Fastens on promises Divine,
     And soars above the skies —


Delights in great Jehovah's voice,
     Dwells on the Saviour's blood,
In truth eternal doth rejoice,
     And ventures all with God


Jesus, subdue my ev'ry foe,
     My little faith increase;
Soon from this dreary waste below,
     Take me to realms of bliss