“Glory to God the Father be Who saves His Church Eternally”

A hymn written by A. Triggs


Glory to God the Father be
Who saves His Church eternally,
    And will her God remain;
He lives, He loves, and keeps her too,
And He will safely bring her through,
    With Him to live and reign


Glory to God's co-equal Son,
He fought the fight, the vict'ry won,
    O'r Satan, death, and hell;
He hath for sin atonement made,
And bruised the subtle serpent's head,
    He hath done all things well.


Glory to God the Holy Ghost,
Who quickens sinners dead and lost,
    And wounds their hearts for sin;
Then guides their burdened souls for rest
To Jesu s'ever-loving breast,
    And makes their conscience clean.


Glory to God, Three-One we sing,
He is our glorious God and King,
    And reacheth in His love;
Nor can His love be e'er withdrawn
From them with whom Himself is one,
    Then they must reign above.