“To do thy will I take delight”

Scottish Metrical Psalm 40 verses 8 to 11


To do thy will I take delight,
     O thou my God that art;
Yea, that most holy law of thine
     I have within my heart.


Within the congregation great
     I righteousness did preach:
Lo, thou dost know, O Lord, that I
     refrained not my speech.


I never did within my heart
     conceal thy righteousness;
I thy salvation have declar'd,
     and shown thy faithfulness:


Thy kindness, which most loving is,
     concealed have not I,
Nor from the congregation great
     have hid thy verity.


Thy tender mercies, Lord, from me
     O do thou not restrain;
Thy loving-kindness,and thy truth,
     Let them me still maintain.