“Praise waits for thee in Sion, Lord”

Scottish Metrical Psalm 65 verses 1 to 5 (6 stanzas)


Praise waits for thee in Sion, Lord:
      to thee vows paid shall be.
O thou that hearer art of pray'r,
      all flesh shall come to thee


Iniquities, I must confess,
      Prevail against me do:
    But as for our transgressions,
      them purge away shalt thou.


Bless'd is the man whom thou dost chuse,
      and mak'st approach to thee,
    That he within thy courts, O Lord,
      May still a dweller be:


We surely shall be satisfy'd
      with thy abundant grace,
    And with the goodness of thy house,
      ev'n of thy holy place.


O God of our salvation,
      thou, in thy righteousness,
    By fearful works unto our pray'rs
      thine answer dost express:


Therefore the ends of all the earth,
      and those afar that be
    Upon the sea, their confidence,
      O Lord, will place in thee.