“God's mercies I will ever sing”

Metrical Psalm 89 verses 1 to 6


God's mercies I will ever sing;
    and with my mouth I shall
Thy faithfulness make to be known
    to generations all.


For mercy shall be built, said I,
    for ever to endure;
Thy faithfulness, ev'n in the heav'ns,
    thou wilt establish sure.


I with my chosen One have made
    a cov'nant graciously;
And to my servant, whom I lov'd
    to David sworn have I;


That I thy seed establish shall
    for ever to remain,
And will to generations all
    thy throne build and maintain.


The praises of thy wonders, Lord,
    the heavens shall express;
And in the congregation
    of saints thy faithfulness.


For who in heaven with the Lord
    may once himself compare?
Who is like God among the sons
    of those that mighty are?